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Iringa Airport | Taxi & Shuttle Transfers

Iringa Airport | Taxi & Shuttle Transfers

Tanzania Airports Authority (TAA) manages, maintains, and operates 59 airports, including Iringa Airport. The airport belongs to the GROUP III category of airports. It operates local flights. The airport is overseen by a manager who is also in charge of managing and monitoring the region’s other airstrips, which include Mufindi (Mgololo) and Mafinga, as well as Njombe Airport.

Iringa Airport is 18 km northeast of Iringa Town, about 4678 feet asl. Its geographical coordinates are 0354507.71E 074006.22S, with a reference temperature of 24.7 degrees Celsius. The total surveyed area of the airport is 112.5 hectares has a runway of 1679 meters in length and a width of 30m, and is classified as a code 5 aerodrome according to the ICAO standards.

Iringa Airport’s feasibility study started in 1950, followed by intricate design. In 1970, the government planned to begin the project in stages, depending on funding availability. The government chose to make Iringa airport operational in 1980.

After the runway, apron, taxiway, terminal building, meteorological observatory station (OBS), fire station, and control tower buildings were completed in 1982, Iringa airport was formally inaugurated.

Auric Air Services Ltd acquires Dash 8-Q100 aircraft

Iringa Airport presently has one regular flight, operated by Auric Air thrice a week and carrying 13 passengers. Previously, the national airline Air Tanzania Company Limited operated 3 flights each week, all of which were Bombadier DHC Q400s with a carrying capacity of 70 people. 

Iringa Airport is classified as a Code 2C airport by the International Civil Aviation Organization Annex 14. The airport’s infrastructure includes a 1679m long and 30m wide runway with orientations of 20 and 02, PCN 15/F/B/Y/U), a 23m-by-23m helipad, 2 taxiways, and an apron that can accommodate three medium-sized aircraft (ATR 72).

The airport receives a lot of unscheduled aircraft, as well as charter flights (passengers disembarking/embarking).


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