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We will be visiting Ruaha in early December. We have a safari booked for our time in the park however we’re trying to figure out how to get from Iringa to Ruaha. I know you can book a driver, which I hear is very expensive. Does anyone know of a more economical way of traveling from Iringa to Ruaha (either bus or shuttle).

Appreciate all responses!

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  1. If you can get a car, Driving there is not difficult but finding your way in the park can be.
    If you have booked to stay in the park the company you are staying with will arrange transport from the park entrance into the park itself. You need to contact them about this. They will be able to advise now to get to the park entrance from Iringa. There are buses (you can book bus seats after you arrive in Iringa). Visit the bus park and enquire. This is the cheapest option, if a little daunting, if you haven’t done this before.
    Lots of people would drive you there but you will have to barter the price. Easiest option – ask the safari people.

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