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Iringa Tourism | Wildlife & Cultural

Iringa Tourism | Wildlife & Cultural

Tourism industry is growing significantly in Tanzania,  between 2007 and 2017 tourists increased by more than  100% -almost doubled. Iringa is also experiencing strong  growth as well. In 2018 the number of tourists who visited  four main attractions– Ruaha National Park, Kalenga, Isimila and Iringa Boma reached more than 37,582 of whom 56%  were foreign.

Statistics for 2017 shows that Iringa had 28  accommodation premises that had 691 beds, this a very low  number. There is high demand for tourist accommodation  facilities near and inside the Ruaha National Park, outside  the national park especially in villages bordering the national  park, in Iringa Municipal and Mafinga Town, lodges and  campsites along major tourist trails, etc.

Iringa Competitive Advantages in Tourism Presence of Ruaha National Park with high concentration of wild animals in the food chain. A number of historical sites of national and international statue. Improved infrastructure like road network, electricity and telecommunication.  Closeness to the national capital – Dodoma.

Diversity and vibrancy of economic activities that involve international companies. Security-Iringa is among top three safest towns in Tanzania. It has the most favourable climate, it is not hot,  nor cold, it is warm and cool.

Attractions in Iringa

Iringa Region has some world famous natural attractions. The following are some of attraction you may be interested in visiting while you are in Iringa:

Ruaha National Park

Ruaha National Park is a national park in Tanzania. The addition of the Usangu
Reserve and wetlands to the park increased its size to about 20,226 km².

Gagilonga Rock

This large rock northeast of town is where Chief Mkwawa meditated and where he learned that the Germans were after him.

C. Wealth grave yard

On Iringa Cemetery is a plot with 131 Commonwealth war graves from World War I and one from World War II. There are also 16 German war graves.

Isimila Stone age

In=n the late 1950s, amid a dramatic landscape of eroded sandstone pillars, archaeologists unearthed one of the most significant Stone Age.

Kalenga Village & Museum

At Kalenga, you may be able to see Chief Mkwawa’s skull which was finally returned by the Germans in 1954 of the the 1919 Treaty.

Igeleke Rock Airt

A large prehistoric frieze, similar in style to the Kondoa rock paintings, located at a spectacular site on the edge of town just west of the Dodoma road.

Iringa to Ruaha National Park

More Iringa Travel Ideas:

Planning your trip? Whether you’re looking for things to do in Iringa such as events and attractions, key traveller information to make your Iringa visit run smoothly or are planning where to stay in Iringa, you’ll find everything you need for your Iringa holiday on Our Website. Iringa City Travel guide has the information about latest events not to miss while you visit Iringa – there’s always something going on, so don’t miss out on the latest exhibitions, shows and more on your trip to Iringa

Discover the best day trips from Iringa or try one of the best tours Iringa and nearby regions. If you’re here as a family, you’ll find plenty of things to do in Iringa with kids and find suitable accommodation such as Iringa holiday apartments. Whether you’re looking for the best weekend breaks in Iringa or planning a longer holiday in Tanzania, you can be sure you’ll find all the information you need. 

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